Plus Contracting Inc. provides architect, engineers, construction managers and licensed sub-contractors including Electricians, Plumbers, Mechanical technicians who is experienced in each area of construction and design that will be required for success within the scope of work typically presented by the contracts we are awarded.


Jeff Tan, PE, PMP, LEED AP


Mr. Tan is a licensed professional engineer and construction manager and has extensive experiences with design-build projects. Responsible for managing projects to the approved budget and schedule and communicate risks as appropriate. Perform inspection to assure the work is in compliance with approved contract plans and specifications.


Mark Chung


Mr. Chung is an architect and licensed builder with nearly thirty years’ experience in site work, building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing, construction management, design, and project management. Responsible for the administration of the construction contract to ensure that the contract work is completed in accordance with the plans and specifications, required quality standards, the contract performance period, and the contract price.


Abilio Artiaga


Mr. Artiaga has nearly twenty years’ of construction superintendent experience in residential market with concentration in landscaping, framing and interior renovation. Responsible for oversees the daily operation at project site and management of sub-contractors and supply vendors.


Farooq Majeed, EIT


Mr. Majeed has nearly twenty years’ of construction project management experience in infrastructure market with concentration in roads and water & sewer structures. Responsible for oversees the daily operation at project site and management of sub-contractors and supply vendors.


Vangie Wang, EIT


Ms. Wang serves as an assistant project engineer who has master degree in construction engineering specializing in schedule control and estimation. Responsible for expediting permit process and meeting with clients, also coordinate with sub-contractors and supply vendors.



Mo Chen, PE


Mr. Chen is responsible as the lead civil engineer coordinate with local jurisdiction and approval process also in charge for developing site plans and details as well as performing calculations including stormwater and erosion control design.


Daniel Huang, PE


Mr. Huang is responsible as the lead structure engineer to coordinate design and resolution of issues with architects and generate plans, sections and details and edit specifications.



Edward Wu, PE


Mr. Wu is responsible as the lead MEP (mechanic, electric and plumbing) engineer proficiency in facility plumbing and drainage design; facility fire protection design; wet and dry type systems.



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