New Home and Additions

  • Mr. Dwivedy’s houseBuilding addition in VA

  • Mr. Song’s Residential 800 SF addition in Springfield VA

  • Mr. Kim’s Residential 4000 SF addition in Annandale, VA

  • Mr. Cho Hyun Chul’s second story Addition – Fairfax VA

  • Mr. Na’s Residential house in Capitol Height MD

  • Mr. Baek’s Residential Fire Damage Repair in Fairfax VA

  • Ms. Nancy Chau’s Residential Restoration in Hurlock MD

Apartment/Condo Renovation

  • Kinney Apt Renovation in Richmond VA

  • One Franklin Town Apartment Reno 23 units Philadelphia PA

  • 8th St S.E. DC Apartment Renovation

  • Forest City Apartment renovation in Arlington VA 145 units

  • Apartment Renovation Richmond VA Cameron Kinney Loft 35 Units

Office Renovation

  • Renovation of office space for Pender Professional Center in VA

  • Renovation and upgrade of leasing office in Richmond VA

  • Renovation leasing office at One Franklin Town in Philadelphia PA

  • Open Door Presbyterian Church in Herndon VA

Retail and Restaurants

  • Ms. Kim’s new wedding service store in Arlington VA

  • Wings Pizza and Things Restaurant in GMU Manassas VA

  • Iron Age Korean BBQ Restaurant in Centreville VA

  • hahaPink Retail women’s Clothing Store in Centreville VA
  • Blue sand sea food Korean Restaurant In Annandale VA

  • Tong Namoo Korean Restaurant in Baltimore MD

  • Natural Market Deli and Carry Out in Arlington VA

  • Gom Ba Woo Korean Restaurant in Annandale VA

  • Renovation and moderation of Museum Tower in Philadelphia PA

Additional list of references are available upon request

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